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Why The Jets Shouldn't Be Set With Their QB Back-Up Roles This Soon

Tim Boyle was Aaron Rodgers’ back-up in Green Bay for multiple seasons. Now reunited on the Jets, it will be the same role, but it could shake things up lower in the depth chart.

New York’s head coach Robert Saleh said earlier in this offseason that Zach Wilson will be QB2, that statement sent fans into a panic. If Aaron Rodgers ends up missing several weeks due to an injury, then Wilson, who was benched twice last season, will be thrown back into the starter role.

Nevertheless you can have a set starter for the season, Aaron Rodgers is that guy. Having set back-ups though is a different story, especially if the preseason hasn’t even occurred yet.

The Jets will go into preseason action with three back-up QBs: Zach Wilson, Tim Boyle and Chris Streveler. Right now Streveler is looking to be the odd-man out, despite his immaculate play when given the opportunity last season.

Tim Boyle has both back-up and starter experience, he has been every place you could think of on the depth chart. If Boyle has a stand-out preseason campaign while Wilson struggles, then the Jets front office will have to make a decision on who to play. Right now it seems like having Zach Wilson on the team is more of a liability than anything.

Also having Boyle in that QB2 slot could add a little more morale for Rodgers as he enters his freshman season in the Meadowlands. Giving him a familiar face backing him up could help, but of course that is a ‘what if’ situation.

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