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What A Possible Aaron Rodgers 2023 Return Means For The Jets

Aaron Rodgers looks to be back and playing around mid-December, which puts the 39-year-old quarterback for a possible Week 14 or 15 return against either the Texans or the Dolphins. Nevertheless the matchups would occur several days after his 40th birthday.

The 4-5 New York Jets are currently on a two-game skid with Zach Wilson. Thankfully, due to a lethargic AFC East, the Jets would own first place on Black Friday if they manage to beat the Bills while the Dolphins lose against Las Vegas, and then on Black Friday to the Jets.

New York HC Robert Saleh said Rodgers will play if he is cleared by the doctors and wants to play, but is it worth it if New York is out of playoff contention?

Rodgers’ possible return would mark him just three months post-achilles operation. It would be the fastest achilles recovery in NFL history and would redefine recovery timetables and strategy.

In contention or playing throw away games, the Jets need to be careful with Rodgers as a reinjury could mean the end to his career or involve him missing time next season.

I honestly cannot picture AR8 returning if New York is down and out, but it also seems that he wants to play no-matter what the record is.

Of course an AFCE contending Jets squad under Rodgers is dangerous and is a deep playoff threat.

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