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West Haven's Javed Ullah Hits 1,000 Career Saves

West Haven Co-op hockey is off to a 4-2 start, it’s safe to say that the switch from DI hockey to DII has been a success. 

The Blue Devils setting themselves as early playoff contenders is mainly due to their high scoring offense and net blocker Javed Ullah.

Javed Ullah is in the midst of his third year as starter for West Haven, but has recorded stats since his freshman year. 

In West Haven’s recent game against St. Dominic of Maine, Ullah notched 17 saves to help lockdown a 5-2 West Haven win. 

Under that win came a career achievement sought after for high school goalies: 1,000 career saves.

It was evident that the long-time westie hockey player would hit the 1,000 save mark this season, needing less than 200 saves to be part of the small coveted group. Ullah’s 17-save night in Maine saw him hit 1,000 and end the night with 1,015 and the win. 

Ullah is 1,015/1,166 (.870Sv%) for his high school career, averaging about 26 saves-per-game.

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