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West Haven Hockey Goalie Notes and News Going Into January

The city of West Haven has see three goalies make a start so far this season across two teams and a total of eight games played. Here are the biggest notes and news of each goalie as we start a new year and continue the same hockey season.

- Javed Ullah (West Haven Blue Devils) (87saves/.813sv%)

Ullah has had a very busy first several games in the net as after the first 3 games of the season he is averaging 29 saves per game. The sophomore goalie has had one of the hardest starts to the season that any goalie can have. Game 1 vs New Canaan who came in as back to back champions, game 2 vs Xavier who is known for its powerful offense and has beaten West Haven four out of the last five years coming into the game and outscored West Haven 20-10 in that span, game 3 Ullah faced Fairfield Co-op who came in undefeated with a 3-0 record (all of the road) averaging 5 goals per game. Ullah has made the most out of those three games and has shown at many times a veteran like style of play, the Blue Devils have a bright future ahead of them with Ullah in the net.

- Grace Nowak (West Haven-Sacred Heart Sharks) (67saves/.944sv%) Nowak played the first three games for the sharks and then went MIA. In the three game span Nowak only allowed 4 goals as West Haven-Scared Heart outscored opponents 7-4

- Hannah Davey (West Haven-Sacred Heart Sharks) (42 saves/.933sv%)

Davey has been in the net the last two games for the sharks and has given them a 1-1 record (3-2 total.) In her first game she allowed three in a 3-0 shutout loss and then in her most recent game against Hand she got the complete game shutout to give the team a 2-0 win.

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