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West Haven High School 2019-2020 Varsity Hockey Preview

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

The 2019 - 2020 West Haven Blue Devils Varsity season home opener is right around the corner as the puck drops on the 18th vs Guilford at Bennett Rink. The Blue Devils will have a new face for coaching as over the off-season the Blue Devils hired former North Haven assistant coach Steve Harris. The Varsity hockey team has some of the best talent in the state both offensively and defensively, coming off an 10-10-0 season in 2018/19 getting 11th in the standings, an improvement of 2017/18 where they went 4-15-1. Yes, that's not the best record, but looking at the schedule they had, they did a great job and almost all of the games they lost where close games.

The Devils look to have a good start of the season as they will open up with six home games. Now, I said the Devils have some of the best players in the state, so let's take a look at them.

Right Wing Nick Carfora is basically the Alex Ovechkin of the team, a very valuable, clutch, big scoring player. Another Right Winger, Nick Boanno is coming off of a solid season with the team, you can always count him to perform and give 200% game in and game out. Left Wing Anthony Peschell is like the back-bone of the team, playing a big part in the 2018/19 season.

You can't forget the Goalies, Charlie Miller had such a great sophomore season with the team. Starting Goalie Jared Pliszka enters his final season with the team and is looking to have a solid season. Senior Center Rich Greene also enters his final season, he has played such a big part with the team over the past three seasons and is looking to go out with a bang. Defensive man Colin Hines enters his final season with the team, he has played a big part with the team in the past years.

Left Wing Mike Alfano enters the 2019/20 season with his second year on the team, if he can replicate anything like he did last year then you better watch out! Another Defensive man, Robbie Forleo is also in his final season, Robbie has done such a great job keeping the puck away from the other team. Kaden Morgillo is a Right Winger, coming off of a solid 2018/19 season with the team, if he can replicate what he did last year as it was a great season for him as his numbers were fantastic.

The whole Devils roster is filled with talent, up and down. You will definitely be seeing a lot of these players in the NHL in the future

Dom’s PREDICTION 15-4-1

Larry K’s PREDICTION 13-6-1

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