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Tom Brady Retires Without Knowing, Proceeds To Make A Comeback

Updated: May 18, 2023

In a span of two hours we saw Tom Brady retire and then make a comeback without playing a single game in that span. On January 29th multiple NFL insiders announced that Tom Brady has announced retirement, they got this info from what was said to be ‘credible sources.’ After countless posts from just ESPN alone and about two hours Tom Brady then came out saying that he has not made a final decision on retiring. Tom Brady Sr. then went on to say the same thing about a decision not yet made, which would then put the retirement news into the fake news bin. Tom Brady has been in the NFL for 22-consecutive years after being drafted 199th overall by the New England Patriots, overall he has a 243-73 record accompanied with 84,520 passing yards, 624 touchdowns, 7 Super Bowl Championships and countless Pro Bowl seasons. There is still a chance that Brady could call it quits this offseason, but no matter what Tom Brady will go down as the best Quarterback in NFL history.

Most likely though Tom Brady will come back for another year and win a Super Bowl just because he is pissed that he couldn't break his own retirement news.

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