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The Worst 24-Hours In New York Sport History Just Occurred

A span of 24-hours has reshaped three different New York sports teams.

From September 10th -11th, the Yankees, Giants and Jets have had the worst 24-hours in all of sports.

NYY: Rising star Jasson Dominguez was listed as day-to-day with right elbow inflammation, it was later revealed that the Yanks’ No.2 prospect tore his UCL. An average timeline for recovery is 9-10, but for position players it could be as little as 6-8 months. Nevertheless the loss of Dominguez killed any momentium the .500% Yankees have gained in the last week. The Yankees were also mathematically eliminated from winning their division on Monday night, they now will have to fight for a wild card spot to play in October.

NYG: 40-0, I could end this mini column with the score, but lets dive a little deeper. The Giants became the first team in NFL history to: lose a game 40-0, lose sack battle (7-0), allow 3 turnovers, had FG blocked and returned for a TD and throw a pick-6. No team has done all of that in the same season, the Giants did it in the same game.

NYJ: The Aaron Rodgers-Jets hype was the top headline everyday for almost 8 months straight. It only took 75 seconds for all the hype and cheers to quickly turn into sorrow. Rodgers’ only took 4 snaps (0-for-1 passing) and was on the field for 75 total seconds before tearing his achilles. AR8 is now out for the season and his career is in jeopardy. 16-1 Super Bowl odds for the New York Jets dropped to 65-1 over night.


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