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The New York Yankees And Their History Of Losing

Updated: May 18, 2023

The New York Yankees are on one of the hottest streaks they have been on in franchise history. All the Yankees do is win and they have been doing that for over 19 seasons. The New York Yankees last losing season came in 1992 where they stood 76-86, that is just 1 of a total of 21 losing seasons. The Yankees have 5 losing seasons as the New York Highlanders (Original team name) with their worst season coming in 1908 with a 51-103 record. The present Yankees franchise has only had 16 losing seasons where their worst season came in 1913 with a 57-94 record. Overall the New York based team has a 1458-1798 overall record with a .461 WP% through 21 seasons, a 316-48 .419% as the Highlanders and a 1142-1360 .456% as the Yankees.

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