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The Most Ideal New York Yankees Lineup

Updated: May 18, 2023

The New York Yankees have struggled heavily post all-star break. That previous sentence is an understatement, the New York Yankees have sucked post all-star break. A team that once held almost a 20 game lead on second place now is struggling to stay in the lead. The biggest factor to the team’s struggles is the lack of consistency, mainly in the lineup. The Yankees have not had a consistent lineup all season long, with that said we made them one.


1st - (3B) Josh Donaldson has not been clutch this season except for the first week. He is battling around the .220 mark with 126 strikeouts and only 12 home runs. The former MVP is a shell of his power bat self, but there is one thing that goes for Donaldson: he gets on base. Josh Donaldson has an OBP% of .309 which is very solid for a guy that strikeouts at least two times a game. If Donaldson started to take more pitches and have better plate discipline, than the New York Yankees would have the leadoff guy on first base via the walk a majority of the time when he leads off.

2nd - (2B) DJ LeMahieu: DJ LeMahieu is not a player to get a one up on the opposition pitching (home run wise), but he is a player that makes solid contact and gets on base via the walk. Making LeMahieu the second hitter can provide the middle of the Yankees’ lineup with a spark and get that RBI

3rd - (1B) Anthony Rizzo: Anthony Rizzo is batting around the .220 mark. Despite the subpar batting average he is on projection for a 35 homer season and is closing in on 90 RBIs. The Rizz could do massive damage to the opposition batting third in the order, all he has to do is put up quality at bats.

4th - (LF) Giancarlo Stanton: The former Miami Marlins player changed his name and his team, with that he has changed his swing. Stanton used to be a home run monster in the NL, but so far with 4 sea

5th - (RF) Aaron Judge: Aaron Judge is one of the hottest hitters in the majors and an MVP contender with a 50+ homer season. Most of Judge’s long balls have come as solo shots. By having the batters in front get on base it would make Judge more effective RBI wise.

6th - (CF) Oswaldo Cabrera: Cabrera has not come up big yet in pinstripes, but the rookie can easily put up a big performance soon. Having Oswaldo bat in the mid-back part of the lineup would be a good fit for him as he racks up his MLB at bats

7th - (DH) Isiah Kiner-Falefa: IKF has been one of the most consistent players this season. A batting average that has resided between .260 and .270, he ranks inside the top 3 on the team for BA. Though only having two homers this season IKF has contributed with sold contact hits.

8th - (SS) Oswald Peraza: Oswald Peraza started the season struggling heavily in triple-AAA, but then rebounded massively in the second half. All Peraza has to do is bring that momentum to the majors and that will affect the Yankees’ line up in a positive manner. Batting him in the 8th hole takes him out of pressure of being for example 3rd or 4th in the lineup. 8th spot will give the young Shortstop experience as he gets used to the bigs.

9th - (C) Jose Trevino: Jose Trevino has had a breakout season, the already great defensive catcher as turned into a mutli-talented player as he has come up clutch with his at bats. By making Trevino bat 9th it would have him be in a way the secondary leadoff batter to the actual leadoff batter.


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