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The Las Vegas Raiders Are The Multi-decade Losers Of The NFL

The Las Vegas Raiders are known for two things, never winning and ruining Derek Carr’s career. The Raiders recently moved to the Sin City after decades in the Oakland Coliseum. The Raiders have been incredibly bad over the past decade, but most recently the team made the playoffs for the 2021/22 NFL season as a wild card team. The 10-7 Raiders would lose in the wild card, making their all-time postseason record go to 25-20. In fact the last time the Raiders even won a playoff game was their 2002 AFC Title win, leading to the 2002 Super Bowl loss. Those 20 years ago featured a truly different world as for reference there was no ESPNU, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram were non existent, Windows 7 was not created yet along with the Iphone.

   Since the Las Vegas Raiders 2002 AFC Title win over the Tennessee Titans, the team has gone 0-3 in playoff games over the multi-decade span.

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