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The Jets Failed Zach Wilson

Aaron Rodgers attempted the impossible: coming back from a ruptured achilles in almost 3 months. What could’ve been the biggest medical comeback in sports history is not to be.

A Jets’ 30-0 blowout loss yesterday against Miami puts New York at 5-9, securing their 13th playoff-less season in a row and making that 2015 season (last time the Jets saw above .500% football) even more precious.

Many people have said that the Jets have ‘let down’ AR8 mainly due to his recovery effort, which put him in contention to play in the Christmas Eve game. 

Like many I am frustrated with this season, but 

The Jets had a blockbuster trade for Rodgers and brought in several key pieces in both players and coaches. The whole point of making Rodgers a Jet was so that Zach Wilson could sit back, watch and take notes. 

Rodgers went down after 75 seconds and Zach Wilson was put in the game and took up the starter role. 

What the Jets organization failed at is the factor of not bringing in a competent backup QB in the offseason or immediately after Rodgers got injured. 

Zach Wilson should’ve never been in the QB2 slot; New York had the chance to have a solid backup behind AR8 and they didn’t take advantage of that. If anything, the New York Jets failed Zach Wilson by not having him have a true development year or an O-Line that could stop below-average defenders.

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