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The Island Boys Starred in The Newest Oliver Tree Music Video and It's a Masterpiece

Ten days ago, we saw one of the most bizarre collaborations in the music industry. Oliver Tree continues to push his song ‘Life Goes On’ as he made a mashup of it in partnership with Lyrical Lemonade which featured Trippie Redd, Ski Mask The Slump God and starred the Island Boys, Diplo and Dj Scheme. This was something that no one asked for, but also something everyone needed in their life. Overall the song is a solid 8/10 that gets stuck in your head very easily, now add Trippie Redd in it saying the most cliche rap love song lines ever that sound like they were taken out of a Juice WRLD song, and you now have the newest version of Life Goes On. The music video is one of the most random music videos that really has nothing to do with the song as it takes place in a pizzeria. The best part of the whole thing is when the Island Boys come in with Oliver Tree who seems to be dressed up as Joe Exotic if he did LSD in the 70s with all three with guns. Once again Cole Bennett directed a music video that will be very memorable as he continues to work his magic with Lyrical Lemonade.

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