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Stock Market Opens Mainly High At Start Of The Week

Stocks began to rise on Monday, April 23rd. The rise caps off a seven-week loss in the market with the highest mover upper being the S&P 500 as it rose by about 1%, still being down though by more than 15% from its January 5th high. The Dow also featured a 550-point rise, or about 1.8% with Nasdaq increasing 1% intraday. The cryptocurrency Bitcoin is also on the rise after several days of historic drops, being worth just over $30,000 USD. Due to the consistent rise of inflation many fear that a major recession is on the horizon and can occur within the next year, if so, it would be the first major recession since 2008. The average prices in the United States of America for gas has reached about $4.50 a gallon in all 50-states with diesel going for about $5.50, the prices continue to rise with no sign of slowing down in sight as crude oil stocks continue on a mainly downward trend with inconsistency.

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