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Ryan Fitzpatrick Announces Retirement After 17 Seasons In The NFL

Updated: May 18, 2023

NFL Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick has announced retirement from the NFL after 17-years. Fitzpatrick played for 9 different teams in that 17-year span, two of those teams were the Buffalo Bills (2009-2012) and New York Jets (2015, 2016) where he had success. Fitzpatrick had a 20-33 record with the Bills and went 13-14 as the Jets QB1, an overall record of 33-47 with New York teams accounts for over 50% of his NFL career wins (59) through what was a total of 166 games. Fitzpatrick actually never had a single winning season in his career amongst the nine different franchises, going 59-87-1 for his career record. Fitzpatrick’s best season came in 2015 with the Jets where he went 10-6-0, marking the only season where he won double-digit games which was then followed by his worst career season with a 3-8 record, also playing for the New York Jets.

Overall Ryan Fitzpatrick’s stats are pretty solid for his career despite the losing record. 223 TDs to 169 INTs with a completion percentage of 60.7% and 34,990 passing yards. It is unclear what Ryan will do in retirement and if he will even stay in the football scene whatsoever. Undoubtedly though he made an impact in the NFL in what was almost a multi-decade long career.

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