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Ronny Mauricio ACL Injury Brings Up Offseason Play Debate

2023 had Edwin Diaz and his WBC celebration injury. 2024 will have Ronny Mauricio and his torn ACL from playing a meaningless offseason Dominican Winter League game…..Lol Mets, right?

The torn ACL will require surgery and a timeline for Mauricio’s return hasn’t been revealed, but it is guaranteed that the Mets No. 4 prospect will miss a good chunk of the 2024 season. 

Mauricio’s injury brings up the topic of MLB players competing in winter/offseason leagues. Overall, it’s common and the Arziona Fall League is the most popular and used by players. 

Nevertheless, any winter league of choice just provides meaningless games and doesn’t count towards your time in the majors or minors. 

I would not be surprised seeing teams start putting clauses in contracts and just outright barring players (or at least their top players) from being part of this winter leagues and exhibition games.

  • Personally, I think that all players under a mlb contract or have recorded major league playing time within the last year shouldn’t be allowed to play in any offseason leagues due to the injury risk factor.

I feel bad for the Mets’ front office, undoubtedly Ronny Mauricio was going to play a big part in their 2024 plans; Now he may not even play at Citi Field. 

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