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Rangers Choking Another Playoff Series Away Sums Up The Last 30 Years

Updated: May 18, 2023

IT'S IG-OVER: Last night we saw game 7 of the New York Rangers-New Jersey Devils playoff series and the fact that the series even went that far is absolutely embarrassing.

Rangers hockey had the opportunity to win the series in five games, next thing you know New Jersey was leading the series, 3-2. It was a brilliant defensive showing all series long if you take out the fifth game, but the Rangers offense was so bad it is undescribable.

Through the first two games the offense put up 10 total goals, just to score twice over the next three (games 3, 4 and 5). In a must-win situation for the sixth game, New York would finally wake up to win 5-2, just to be shut-out and lose the series a game later.

Igor Shesterkin was as perfect as perfect could be and anyone who doesn’t agree did not watch a single minute of the series. The Russian played in all seven games, posted a .931sv% (189/203), with a 1.96 GAA.

Frankly, New York doesn’t deserve a world class goalie like Igor Shesterkin. This is a team that has had Mike Richter, Henrik Lundqvist and now Shesterkin, as the main starting goalies almost overlapping each other throughout almost 30 straight years…AND YOU’RE TELLING ME THIS TEAM HASN’T WON A CHAMPIONSHIP SINCE 1993/94!?

Purely embarrassing. That really is the best way to sum up New York’s red, white and blue team. They are the New York Yankees of hockey: constantly be contenders just to choke their hopes and dreams away in the most pathetic way possible.

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