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Rams Top Bengals To Win Super Bowl 56

In a span on just a single season Matthew Stafford went from having a losing record after 12 Seasons in the NFL to winning the Super Bowl.

The Los Angeles Rams faced the Bengals at SoFi Stadium for the 56th Super Bowl. LA would take a lead early on with just a fie goal separating the two teams going into halftime. Coming out of the half the Bengals would explode with QB1 Joe Burrow as they got multiple touchdowns and the lead. The fourth quarter would be the Rams time, a late touchdown under the final two minutes gave the team a lead. Burrow and the Bengals got the ball with just above a minute left, down three point. It would quickly become fourth down and with no options left the Bengals went for it, Joe Burrow would end up getting sacked to lead to a turnover on downs. The Rams would clinch the win, 23-20 at their home stadium, The Los Angeles Rams are football champions of the world.

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