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Pete Alonso Has A True Baseball Heart

New York Mets IF Pete Alonso is a true baseball player, as he rather help the team both defensively and offensively instead of just playing one part. With the new addition of the universal DH (Designated Hitter) the Mets can now put a player to the hitting job only for the full 162-games, not just when the NL team plays an AL team. The main player the Mets were going to DH was Pete Alonso who has been a huge asset hitting wise. Alonso is also a great defensive player as he plays infield, mainly the First Basemen and Third Basemen positions, respectfully. Alonso has great reflexes and a power cannon of an arm, but overall the Mets have a deep farm system and players on their MLB roster that can play IF.

The Mets sent Alonso to the DH spot, but overall he has made it known that he rather play defense. Weather it’s the fact that Alonso is just used to playing defense or he just wants to help the team, the fact is he is playing true baseball. The DH has never fully been in the National League like it has in the American League and with the implant of it in the NL it will forever change baseball. Pete Alonso rather help out his team on both sides than rather sit out every half inning, that is true sportsmanship. As of now Pete Alonso has splits of .231/.289/.538 so far this season. Most likely Alonso will DH most of the season, but the fact he wants to play defense and is great at it too just adds another powerful option to the Mets with another player may need a break from both defense and offense.

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