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Our Picks for QB of the Decade

Updated: May 17, 2023

The 2010s are almost over. Over 100 Quarterbacks made at least a single snap this decade, lets see what ones were the best.

Rules - There will be three picks each between both Dominic and Larry for a total of 6. Each QB had to play at least one full game in the NFL. 1st pick is who you would have as 1st string / 2nd pick is second string / 3rd pick is 3rd string.

Dominic Pick 1 - Tom Brady - Patriots - As much as I dislike Tom Brady you have to admit the guy has world class talent. Tom Brady had a great decade, passing for over 43,000 yards and bringing the team to the Super Bowl almost every year.

Dominic Pick 2 - Robert Griffin lll - Washington Redskins - Robert Griffin lll (RG3) had to be one of the best NCAA Football Quarterbacks ever and you can tell just by the awards he got and the records he broke. He was the next Michael Vick. He was drafted by the Redskins as the 2nd pick overall in the 2012 NFL draft. He had a successful rookie season setting records for the highest PR and highest TD - INT ratio. They only thing was that he could not escape the injury bug as he was always on the injury list, RG3 currently plays for the Ravens as a back - up.

Dominic Pick 3 - Drew Brees - Saints - Drew Brees threw for over 5,000 yards this decade four times and continues to be one of the best passers all time in the NFL. The only reason why Brees is ranked 3rd is that he has had zero Super Bowl appearances in this decade.

Dominic Honorable Mention - Russell Wilson - Seahawks - Russell Wilson made it to the Super Bowl in his second season. Russell Wilson has to be one of the most dangerous Quarterbacks with the most underrated passing skills in the league.

Larry K Pick 1 - Tom Brady - Patriots - Tom Brady is and will be one of the greatest Quarterbacks to ever step foot on a football field. Brady was drafted 199th overall and the fact that he was drafted that low and he ended up getting six Super Bowl rings and MVP honors three times is amazing and he still has the chance to get more. 2019 wasn't the best year for Brady, age definitely plays a factor with him being 42.

Larry K Pick 2 - Drew Brees - Saints - Drew Brees is one of the best out there, having some of the best ratings but the fact he hasn't been to nor won a Super Bowl this decade is bad for some one with that much talent.

Larry K Pick 3 - Aaron Rodgers - Packers - Aaron Rodgers started the decade the hardest way as he took the no. 6 seed Packers to the championship. He has underachieved in some ways but, he is always constant. He can still end the decade like how he started it, with a Super Bowl ring.

Larry K Honorable Mention - Andrew Luck - Colts - Andrew Luck was very unlucky when it came to injuries but what he did when he was healthy was amazing. Its a shame that he retired but, his career is one that alot wont forget.

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