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Nolan Grooms Propels Yale To .500% After Back-To-Back World-Class Performances

From a 0-2 start to now two-straight wins, Yale is on the come-up as they sit 4th in the Ivy League.

On September 30th, Yale destroyed Morgan State 45-3, and followed their momentum into October 7th, where QB Nolan Grooms threw darts in a 31-24 win over Dartmouth on the road.

Nolan Grooms has gone 44-for-60 throwing with 602 passing yards and 6 passing touchdowns. He has single-handedly revived the Bulldogs’ season.

Nolan Grooms' stats vs Morgan State: 29/38, 363 yards, 4 TDs

Nolan Grooms' stats vs Dartmouth: 15/22, 239 yards, 2 TDs

The Bulldogs got that dawg in them, very rarely do you see an 0-2 Ivy team battle their way to 2-2.

Yale will face Sacred Heart at the Bowl on Saturday, October 14th.

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