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New York Runs On Knicks Basketball

New York, New York Knicks, the city bleeds blue, orange and white.

The New York Knicks are now 10-2 with OG Anunoby, as the team fits comfortably in 5th place in the Eastern Conference.

Many thought that the Knicks took a step back when dealing RJ and IQ north of the boarder, but it has been anything but that. Julius Randle is clicking as to where 25+ point nights are a common occurrence, Jalen Brunson is balling out and OG is earning his King of New York status.

OG has only been a Knick for 12 games, but is already a household name amongst Knick fans.

Its fun watching this team play – I remember when I started and one of the first articles published was about how disappointing the Knicks were with their 11-30 record  at that time (yikes). Since that early 2019 article many things have changed in the Big Apple involving players and coaches – this is a completely different team as to even two seasons ago and it’s beautiful. 

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