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New York Rangers Go Back Into MSG After Nightmare Road Trip

Updated: May 18, 2023

The New York Rangers came into the East Finals on fire, less than 80 hours after a game 7 thriller win against the Hurricanes. With home ice advantage the Rangers did what they always do at home, win. Going up a powerful 2-0 on the series against defending back-to-back champions Tampa Bay Lightning. It seemed like the New York ice hockey team was setting themselves up for a quick series as they then went on the road to Amalie Arena. Coming into the Lightning’s home rink the Rangers stood a very poor 2-5 in away games this 2021/22 playoff campaign.

The Rangers led in game three, but late mistakes proved fatal for the team as they fell 3-2 in a true nail-biter. Going into game four the Rangers looked to extend their lead and go into MSG with a positive note this upcoming Thursday. That positive note was shattered in a 4-1 loss Tuesday night, a true embarrassment as the team had absolutely nothing going for them.

The Rangers now come back into their home arena for the final three games of the playoff series, games 5,6 and 7 will be played at MSG. Overall the Rangers are ahead of schedule, but if they end up losing a series where they had a 2-0 lead it can destroy a chunk of momentum going into the upcoming regular season. The Rangers are now 2-7 in away games this playoff season, the biggest question is: can the Rangers comeback at home after being swept on the road? The Lightning did it, taking New York by surprise, now can the Rangers do the same?

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