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New York History Made In Texas

Updated: May 19, 2023

OCT. 4th: New York Yankees history has been made in a warm October night in Texas. Game 161 out of 162, the second game of what was a day-night doubleheader against the Texas Rangers, a team that came in over 20-games below .500%.

Depite this being a throwaway game for both teams, there was a pack crowd the Globe Life Field Stadium. That was all due for one reason and one reason only: Aaron Judge chasing his 62nd home run of the 2022 season. If Judge was to hit the home run it would set an American League single season record, he came in tied with Roger Maris who has held that record since 1961. Judge played in the first doubleheader game, but failed to send the ball into the stands that was standing room only during a 1:00pm Texas time weekday game.

Aaron Judge would then step up to the plate in the leadoff position once again in game two. The veteran of the sport stood up against Jesus Tinoco, a journeyman pitcher with a career ERA above 4.00 coming into the game. In the top of the first inning on a 1-1 count Judge would slam the third pitch of the at-bat into the left field stands. Judge rounded the bases on a list with only his name on it as he is now the only player to hit 62 or more home runs in the history of the American League. Judge tied Babe Ruth in New York, Judge tied Maris in Toronto and now he has broken the record in Texas.

The crowd was so massive and loud when Judge hit the ball you would think he did it in the Bronx. A standing ovation accompanied by cheers that lasted several minutes as the game continued on.

Going to the bottom of the first inning it was now Gerrit Cole's turn to make history. The Yankees number one starter has been on a tear striking out batter after batter this season.

On a 3-2 count to David Lowe in the bottom of the first, Cole would get a swing and a miss for his first strikeout of the game. That strikeout surpasses Ron Guidry's single season club strikeout record of 248 that was set in 1978. With that Gerrit Cole is now the Yankees' strikeout king, he ended the game with 257 K's to his name.

The New York Yankees came in with a 99-61 record as #99 was at 61 in the home run history books. The Yankees would lose the game, pushing them to 99-62 the same night that #99 hit 62, a record that only seems right on that given night.


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