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Nets' Cam Thomas Is A Certified Baller

Cam Thomas is finally getting constant opportunities as a starter and with that he is ballin’ out.

Thomas is in the midst of his third season in the league and he has quickly become one of the faces of the Brooklyn Nets early on.

Despite Brooklyn’s .500% record of 5-5, Cam Thomas has been one of the top scores every game. The newly-turned 22-year-old is averaging 26.9 PPG in 32.4 MPG from 8 games, with 7 seeing him on the starting five.

The lone game Thomas came off the bench this season saw him set a new record for the most points scored by a player off the bench at 36 points.

For reference, Cam Thomas’ 2021 and 2022 PPG averages don’t even add up close to his 26.9 (19.1 total, 8.5 in ‘21 and 10.6 in ‘22).

He has found his rhythm, which mainly has come from his time starting. Thomas’ 7 starts in 8 games is almost double from last season’s numbers, where he started 4 games while appearing in 57 total.

Cam Thomas is also hitting career highs in TRB (3.8) and AST (2.1), while averaging just under a steal per-game.

Thomas’ production is undoubtedly making up for the empty spot left when Brooklyn traded away Kevin Durant last season.

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