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Mike White Balls Out In First Start Of 2022

Updated: May 18, 2023

Mike White came into week 12 as the new starting quarterback for the New York Jets organization, replacing the newly benched Zach Wilson. This start marked the first time fans got a look at White since last season where he appeared in four total games. White went 1-2-0 with a 66.7 CMP% for 953 yards, throwing 5 touchdowns to 8 interceptions.

Today marked the second chance for Mike White as all eyes were on him. With that he did not even come close to crumbling under pressure.

Mike White absolutely tore up the Bears defense, going 22-for-28 passing for 315 yards and 3 touchdowns. A QBR of 149.3 would be the grading for the QB from Florida. He was almost perfect as he brought the Jets to a 31-10 win, pushing their record to 7-4.

One of the biggest factors to White’s success was his ability to throw short quick passes to his receivers. White got the offense rolling right away, leading them to a opening drive touchdown, something the team has not done all season long. White threw for 198 yards in the first half alone, marking the most first half passing yards since week 8 of 2021 where he held the previous record.

The New York Jets travel to Minnesota to face the Vikings, as of now it has not been announced if White will be the New York Jets starter.

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