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Major Stocks Rebound As Crypto Struggles Going Into Monday

The stock market has been nearing closer and closer to a recession with prue inconsistency in the mainly downward numbers. Going into the middle of July two of the major three stocks are up in the positives, S&P 500 is up by 8.07 points (+0.22%) with the Nasdaq plus 152.25 (+1.43%) with the only exception being the DOW 30 which is down 38.29 points (-0.13%) so far. Crude oil is down 7.11 (-6.05%) as the average gallon of gas in the U.S. stands at $4.98, down from over $5.00 a week ago. Crypto continues to take a big hit with Bitcoin down more than 70% since its 2021 high, overall; though it seems to be recovering with positives of 599.89 (+3.17%) despite the mini gain Bitcoin still is under $20,000 a share. The CMC Crypto 200 is up by 5.07 points (+1.17%) as the crypto markets try to recover.

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