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Looking At The Worst Receivers In Buffalo Bills' History

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

In 1960 the Buffalo Bills played their first game, it was an away game with the New York Titans, Buffalo would lose 27-3.

Since that 1960 Week 1 affair Buffalo has played 964 regular season games.

There has been a total of 350 eligible receivers who recorded at least one reception in Buffalo’s history. Andre Reed, Eric Moulds and Lee Evans highlight the top three for most receiving yards at a combined number of 28,125 off of 1,993 receptions.

Every sports fan remembers who the best players are on a team, it’s natural to as we see those players and their stat lines the most. Most people usually don’t think of who the worst players are in their team’s history, but here at the New York Sports Show we do.

Poor receiving numbers have three main factors to them: Number of targets to receptions, yardage gained and how the overall offensive line is during that game.

Buffalo’s bottom three receivers in franchise history are players who aren’t even true to that position. In that group stands two quarterbacks and a running back, all three have negative receiving yards.

In 348th is Cierre Wood, a Running back who only appeared in two games over the 2015 season and had two rushing attempts. Wood had one target which he caught behind the line of scrimmage. Once the whistle blew Buffalo was six yards further from the spot where they started.

349th places one of two Quarterbacks on this list: Joe Ferguson. The Texas native spent 12 seasons in Buffalo, throwing for 29,817 yards and 181 touchdowns. Ferguson ranks second in the franchise for most passing yards, so it is kind of fitting that he is second to last in receiving. Two receptions for a combined loss of 9 yards puts him one spot away from rock bottom.

Now we are at rock bottom, well at least for now, but most likely this is a stat that will never be broken.

Jack Kemp was the Buffalo Bills’ QB1 for seven years and threw more interceptions than touchdowns at a 183-114 INT-TD line. Kemp recorded a single reception off of one target opportunity. The reception was also for a loss of 9 yards, but due to Kemp having less receptions than Ferguson, he ranks last at 350th.

The worst true position Wide receiver in Bills' history is Mike Alexander, who currently ranks 317th. Alexander played in three games during the 1991 season, posting one reception for 7 yards.

STATS AS OF 5/25/23

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