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  • Chick Beaufort

LLWS Teammates Seen Putting Cotton On Head Of Black Teammate

Last night during the Little League World Series there was a camera cut to the dugout of the Midwest Little League Team, the camera showed Midwest players putting cotton in the hair of a black teammate. There was instant outrage on social medial due to this as many were calling the players that are aged 10-12 “racists” and some even saying that the coaches should be arrested.

Little League International released a statement soon after:

“Little League International understands that the actions shown could be perceived as racially insensitive. We have spoken with the player’s mother and the coaches, who have assured that there was no ill-intent behind the scenes.”

Those kids, ages 10-12 years old most likely never even thought of how that action could be deemed racist, if they even know what being racist is at that young age. I also would like to add that the players who participated in putting cotton on the head of their teammate were not all white. This action could have easily been some kind of baseball joke that players do, it would not be the first time teammates would be playing around with each other and I also doubt that the kids would just put something in their teammates hair without asking and then the teammate that was that happening to him just allowing it to occur. If it was also racist ESPN would not of shown it on national tv for about the 30 seconds they did.

Too many people are way too fast when it comes to cancel culture and don’t think. Those are little kids and could possibly have their careers ruined if they are labeled racist. Fact is no one knows the true intent or the reason why it occurred, but what he do know is that the parents and coaches are aware and saw what happened with both groups saying the same thing: “There was no ill-intent.”

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