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Jasson Dominguez Shows Off His Power In Spring Training Debut

Updated: May 19, 2023

Jasson Dominguez made his Yankees spring training debut today as New York faced Philadelphia, he was phenomenal.

Dominguez is only 20-years-old and is ranked as the Yankees’ No.3 overall prospect, expected to be in the majors by 2025. Things may come faster though for the switch hitter, that is if his whole spring training goes like how it did today.

Dominguez would start in the outfield for the Yankees today, batting seventh in the lineup. Going up for his second at-bat he would see the prospect bat right-handed. The pitch came and it left faster than its arrival, a blistering moon shot for ‘The Martian’ would land in outside of the left-center field wall.

The ball come off of Dominguez’s bat at 109.7 mph, if this was the regular season that would be baseball history for the hardest hit home run by a player under the age of 21. Juan Soto currently hold the record going back to Game 6 of the 2019 World Series.

The fact is Dominguez is extremely good and has a lot of power. If he continues to have success in this spring training campaign then the Yankees need to seriously consider putting him on their opening day roster.

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