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It Only Took 75 Seconds For Aaron Rodgers To Join A Historic List

Aaron Rodgers only played in 75 seconds of the Jets season, which all came in New York’s Week 1 opener against Buffalo. 

Despite playing less than 2 minutes Rodgers was still awarded the win, even though Zach Wilson played in more than 80% of the offensive snaps and was the QB at game’s end. This is due to the NFL's starter rule, which has the quarterback who started the game in line for the win, loss or tie no matter how much or little they play in said game.

So technically Aaron Rodgers’ is undefeated as a New York Jet with a 1-0 record without even recording a single pass completion. The only other Jet quarterback that had a winning record this season is Trevor Siemian, who posted a 2-1 record and started the final three games of the season.

Aaron Rodgers’ isn’t the first Jets quarterback to get a win without any pass completions. Though he isn’t the first, it’s still a little weird that Rodgers’ Jets career has him with a win and not a single pass completion.

Most notably Joe Ferguson of the Buffalo Bills went 0-for-2 passing in a 16-12 victory over the Jets, but 40 mph wind gusts and horizontal run meant weather undoubtedly played a factor. Joe Namath went 2-for-18 passing in the game for 33 yards and 3 interceptions.

The only other instance I could find from several hours of searching is when Otto Graham beat the Eagles in 1950 without a single completion. A more recent example though is when Ryan Leaf almost joined the no completion club is when he went 1-for-15 for 4 yards, but unlike others he lost the game, 23-7.

While doing the same searching I was not able to find another quarterback (besides Rodgers) who won a game during the regular season without completing a pass and not appearing again during the same season.

Aaron Rodgers being part of this club seems to be the most Jet thing ever, but rest assured AR8 will win a lot more games as he plans on playing for at least 2 more seasons.

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