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Is Paige Bueckers A Bust?

It was announced on Wednesday that UConn Huskies star guard Paige Bueckers sustained a season-ending injury that will keep her bench-sided for the 2022/23 season.

The junior guard suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament in her left knee on August 1st. Bueckers got the injury playing in a pick-up basketball game, an MRI confirmed an ACL tear. She will undergo surgery on Friday, August 5th at UConn Health.

This is the second major injury that Bueckers has faced in her very young basketball career as last season an injury kept her out for a majority or the regular season. If Paige Bueckers does enter the WNBA Draft in the future, most likely her draft value will be low due to her being injury prone. Bueckers is one of the most well known and hyped up college basketball players in the world, but will injuries make her a bust several years from now? Nevertheless when she is on the court she does nothing but produce heavily for her team and is one of the best players to be on the UConn team in the recent years.

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