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How The Giants Can Recover If Daniel Jones Fails Expectations

Updated: May 18, 2023

Daniel Jones is facing a career defining season, the New York Giants QB1 has not had a single standout moment yet in his 35+ games played. With that said if Jones does not perform he will most likely be traded by the deadline. The Giants could easily flip Jones for Seattle Seahawks veteran QB1 Geno Smith. That trade would send Smith back to New York, the former QB1 played in Metlife Stadium between 2013 and 2016 with the Jets. In those three seasons Smith put up a 12-18 record with 28 touchdowns for 36 interceptions. Geno Smith also played for the New York Giants in 2017, playing in just 2 games he had a 0-1 record. Since leaving New York he has been a mediocre QB, though that was with limited and inconsistent playing time. What Geno Smith needs is a offensive based coach and the Giants can give that to him with Brian Daboll.

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