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Gerrit Cole Has Had NO HELP From The Yankees This Season

Jacob deGrom opened the floodgates several years ago, changing CY Young Award outcomes. He showed that ERA matters more than a pitcher’s W-L record, winning back-to-back CY Young's with a 2.05 ERA despite a 21-17 record over 64 games. Now another New York pitcher will benefit from this new era.

Gerrit Cole has been the true definition of an ace, his 2.76 ERA and 1.049 WHIP. The 2.76 ERA ranks 3rd in the Majors, but he only has a 10-3 record after 25 starts.

The righty has had seven performances this year where he went six or more innings, allowing 2 or less runs and still either lost or got the no-decision, overall New York has lost all seven games.

Cole has a combined seven game stat line of 43 innings pitched and a 1.67 ERA (8 ERs). Meanwhile New York has been outscored in the same span, 32-20.

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