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Former MVP Contender Gary Sanchez Gets New York Reunion With Minor League Deal

It was reported early Tuesday morning that the New York Mets have signed Gary Sanchez to a minor league contract.

Sanchez, who is 30-years-old, recently was let go by San Francisco after posting a .164 batting average in triple-AAA through 16 games.

The Dominican Republic native has appeared in 666 major league games throughout the last eight years, most famously playing with the New York Yankees.

Being picked up by the Mets is in a way his New York reunion, but Sanchez will have to battle his way back up to the top.

The signing puts Sanchez with the Syracuse Mets, New York’s triple-AAA affiliate.

It’s honestly crazy to think that Gary Sanchez was once a MVP contender and batted above .250 at one point.

Frankly it just seems like he has lost his love for the game. No-effort defensive work is being shown along with sloppy at-bats.

It will be interesting how Sanchez handles Syracuse and if he is able to have a mini career resurgence.

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