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Former Mets Pitcher Matt Harvey Announces Retirement

Matt Harvey has announced his retirement from baseball on Instagram earlier today.

“To the fans, most important the NY Mets fans: You made a dream come true for me. You are forever embedded in my heart. Goodbye, baseball. And thank you."

The 34-year-old’s career spanned from 2012 to 2021, where he played most famously on the New York Mets, before bouncing around with four different teams over his final four years, most recently playing with the Baltimore Orioles.

Harvey was one of the most recognizable faces in Queens before his career went on a downward spiral.

Nose bleeds are common with the use of cocaine and they were frequent during the games. The Connecticut native would later admit to cocaine use during the Tyler Skaggs trail.

Harvey, along with former Los Angeles employee Eric Kay played a role in Tyler Skaggs’ overdose death. Harvey, who played for Los Angeles back in 2019, admitted to supplying the young pitcher with percocet and oxycodone, but made it clear that Kay was the main supplier.

Harvey would be suspended 60 games.

Nevertheless Matt Harvey was compared Tom Seaver during his brought-up. The righty played a huge part of the Mets' 2015 playoff run and was one of the faces of the franchise early on in his career.

966.1 innings and a 4.42 ERA stands on Harvey’s career stat line through 180 games.

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