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Former Jets Quarterback Now Contending For Super Bowl

The Houston Texans are gearing up to face the Baltimore Ravens in the Divisional Round on Saturday. A 4:30pmEST kickoff time will mark the beginning of the end for one of the two. 

No role is too small when it comes to playoff football, and for one quarterback it is a blessing to even be in this position.

It only took Tim Boyle 13 days to be signed after the Jets released him on December 5th, and oddly enough it was because of the Jets that Boyle was signed by the-now Super Bowl contender. 

The powerful New York defense knocked Houston Texans QB CJ Stroud out with a concussion during their Week 14 affair. The hit would then lead Houston to sign Tim Boyle to their practice squad in anticipation that Stroud would miss multiple games.

Boyle still resides on the Texans practice squad and hasn’t been elevated to their active roster, but that doesn’t mean he is out of contention for a Super Bowl ring. 

Per the CBA, players that were on the winning team’s practice squad at the time of the Super Bowl victory are also entitled to a ring, but it can be one of lesser value. Though it’s not required for practice squad players to be given a ring.

Teams usually give out rings to the trainers, IR players, practice squad players and even cheerleaders. The main difference is that active roster players do get bigger rings as everyone else receives a smaller one. The NFL pays for each Super Bowl winning team to get 150 rings to give out to whomever they wish to. 

Nevertheless Tim Boyle went from being on a disastrous Jets team to now being part of a playoff run with the Texans.

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