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Forgotten Jets: Glenn Foley

The New York Jets have had so many names in that QB1 slot. The 1990s featured an era for the Jets where it seemed like they were just one player away from making it back to the Super Bowl.

Glenn Foley was widely regarded as the third-best quarterback behind Heath Shuler and Trent Dilfer entering the 1994 NFL Draft. Despite the high ranking and working out for almost every NFL team at the 1994 Combine; Foley was drafted 208th overall by the New York Jets.

1994 and ‘95 only featured two games that Foley appeared in. The limited opportunities saw the 7th rounder complete 56% of his passes (21-for-37) for 173 yards and 2 interceptions.

1996 and ‘97 saw Foley get the starting spot on multiple occasions throughout the 11 games he appeared in. The 1-4 record through 5 starts and 11 total appearances saw the former Boston College great struggle heavily. An average of 114 passing yards per game and a 6-8 TD-INT ratio was what Foley could do off his 110 completed passes.

Foley was named as the Jets starting QB for the 1998 season. An 0-3 record along with an injury with an IL trip would mark the end to Foley’s time as a starter. Vinny Testaverde took over the starter job and New York never looked back.

New York would deal Foley off to the Seahawks in 1999. Foley started a single game which resulted in him putting up one of the best stat lines of his career: 18-for-30 passing with 283 yards and 2 touchdowns. 

Seattle would cut their one-win wonder prior to the 2000 season for cash considerations. Foley was unable to find a job in the league after being cut, ending his football career. 

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14. Feb.

Damn, we missed out on drafting not only Heath Shuler. but Trent Dilfer too!!!


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