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Forgotten Bills: Chris Hogan

Chris Hogan was nicknamed 7-Eleven, and for the first three years of his career he would be iced out in Buffalo. The Wide receiver called Buffalo home from 2013-2015.

Hogan appeared in all 48 possible games for the Bills, but only notched 6 starts. The Monmouth alumni had 87 receptions off of 137 targets (63.5%), his Y/R was 11 yards-flat and he appeared in the end zone 6 times.

For a brief moment, Hogan got to throw the ball for the Bills. His one and only passing attempt resulted in a 4 yard reception against the Titans. His 100% pass completion is tied for 1st all-time in franchise history with 14 other players.

Chris Hogan saw limited opportunities in Buffalo, his 20 yards-per-game in 48 appearances certainly backs up the narrative. His career didn’t kick-off until 2016 when he joined Tom Brady’s New England Patriots and was later fitted for two Super Bowl rings.

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