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Everything That Could've Gone Wrong For The Brooklyn Nets Has

The Brooklyn Nets, had four star players who were all on mega-money contracts: Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, James Harden and Ben Simmons. Brooklyn acquired these players either in free agency or taking over the contract payments as part of a trade.

Nevertheless, Brooklyn had the ‘Big 3’ and arguably even a ‘Big 4’; it was a massive disaster. 

Injuries, injuries, injuries. It was never-ending.

Harden ended up being a trade bust right from the get-go then Kyrie made the locker room toxic; and KD seemingly couldn't stay healthy for a week straight as Ben Simmons had a contract hold out followed by countless IL stints.

Next thing you know three out of the four  were off the team by the end of 2022/23; as Ben Simmons, who is still on and off the IL, being the only player that resides with Brooklyn.

The most Brooklyn was able to do was make it to the Eastern Conference Semis in 2021/22, besides that Brooklyn has fallen in the first round 4-out-of-5 times.

The Nets just have been unlucky frankly with money they have guaranteed to players that they've signed in the past several seasons. Everything bad that could’ve happened did. I mean just think about it: Brooklyn was supposed to be a dynasty led by Kyrie and KD, now the team is 21-33 and sinking faster than the Titanic with all in a span of a season-and-a-half.

Brooklyn currently has too many game managers on the team.

Besides Mikal Bridges and Cam Thomas there is not any other player who is not averaging over 15 points per game.

Bridges and Thomas (both are averaging 21 PPG) are game changers; but it’s also very hard to change the game when you're the only two producing points-wise out of a total of 10 players.


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