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Daniel Jones Is Crazy For Thinking He Will Get $40M+ This Offseason

Updated: May 18, 2023

Daniel Jones has either lost his mind or he lost his mind, it was reported that the quarterback wants to stay in New York for around $45M-$50M.

A contract extension worth 40M+ wouldn’t be much to ask if he was a superstar QB who has done well in the playoffs. Jones came into the 2022 season labeled a draft bust, he had to perform well and he did. A 9-7-1 record for the Giants brought them to playoff football, but there is much more behind the story: The Giants started the season off with 7 wins through 10 weeks, a 7-2 record overall. New York would then go 2-5-1 to end the regular season, they limped heavily to the playoffs with a fairly healthy team.

The Giants would upset the powerful Minnesota vikings in the first round via a 31-24 win, only to be blown out in the divisional round by the Philadelphia Eagles, 38-7. Despite the early playoff exit it was still the first playoff appearance by the Giants' since 2016.

Nevertheless Daniel Jones had a career season, but you can also argue that it is easy to have such a season when little was expected from you. Jones appeared in 16 out of the 17 regular season games, he started all 16. The former Duke QB1 balled out this season completing 67% of his passes for 3,205 yards, while throwing 15 touchdowns to 5 interceptions. On the ground ‘Vanilla Vick’ rushed for 708 yards off of 120 rushing attempts. Jones ran into the end zone 7 times to give him 21 total touchdowns in 2022. Jones had a 9-6-1 record, accompanied by a 92.5 QBR.

* BOLD indicates career high (career low for interceptions)

Daniel Jones is a good quarterback, but now he has to show he isn’t a ‘one-year wonder’ and can actually be a playoff contending quarterback in the league. Asking for over $40M is absurd, especially when it was expected he would sign for around $30M. If Jones wants more money he has to earn it, there is no team in the league who would even come close to paying him that amount of money.

Jones needs to play moneyball right now, sign a deal between 1-3 years worth $10M-25M. That gives Jones time to perform and show he is worth a higher amount of money for future talks. The Giants have the upper hand right now, they can let Jones walk and make a trade for a QB or sign one in free agency.

New York has a great coach in the name of Brian Daboll, who undoubtedly played a huge part of the playoff run this most recent season. Daboll developed Josh Allen into the superstar he is, if Jones stays for less money he will definitely make more money in the future.

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