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Brian Cashman's Bash Of Giancarlo Stanton Could Seal The Deal For Yoshinobu Yamamoto and The Mets

Brian Cashman didn’t hold back on his comments on Giancarlo Stanton, and it could end up being the decider on if Yoshinobu Yamamoto comes to the Bronx.

Cashman saying that injuries are part of Stanton’s game and that he expects him to get injured again this season has been the talk of the offseason so far.

Giancarlo Stanton’s agent, Joel Wolfe said, “I read the context of the entire interview. I think it's a good reminder for all free agents thinking of signing in New York both foreign and domestic that to play for that team you've got to be made of Teflon, both mentally and physically because you can never let your guard down even in the offseason."

Joel Wolfe is also the agent representing the Japanese star that is Yamamoto.

It is no secret that the New York Mets are favored to sign Yamamoto in free agency, and the help of unofficial recruiter Kodai Senga raises the odds even higher.

Brian Cashman’s comments could’ve sealed the door shut on a Yamamoto signing. Nevertheless everything is about money these days and I could see Wolfe ‘forgetting’ Cashman’s comments if the price is high n’ right.

Undoubtedly ‘Cash God’s’ comments have dug a slight hole for the Yankees organization.


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