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Brett Baty Is Making A Case For An Opening Day Roster Spot

Updated: May 19, 2023

Brett Baty’s career has been eventful over the past several months

Brett Baty was called up to the majors late in the September call-ups, only playing in 11 games. The 23-year-old hit a home run in his first career at-bat, but besides that there wasn't much to talk about for 2022.

Baty had splits of .184/.244/.342 in 42 plate appearances, out of the 7 hits he had, 2 of them were for home runs. Baty provides solid defensive production, but his lack of offense is not made up by it.

Over the offseason the lefty was brought up in multiple trade rumors with the Miami Marlins. Brett Baty would end up staying a Met and is now contending for an opening day roster spot. There are still trade rumors surrounding Baty, but that's all it is: rumors. Nevertheless that could have an impact on his play long-term if it continues, but for now the prospect has been hitting hard.

The infielder is batting .474 through 10 games so far this spring training campaign. Spring training is totally different from the majors and most likely those stats won't translate to the regular season, but this preseason time is giving Baty to see more competitive at-bats, increasing his skill and baseball IQ. If the consistent offensive work continues throughout spring training then you can definitely expect Baty taking at-bats at Citi Field come April.

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