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Appalachian State Loses Despite 40 Point Quarter

Appalachian State took up UNC as college football 2022 kicked off. The AS Mountaineers took a 14-7 lead in the first quarter only to be outscored 21-7 in the second, making a UNC lead of 28-21 by halftime. The Mountaineers were held to zero in the third with the Tar Heels putting up 13, making UNC up 41-28 going into the final quarter.

The Mountaineers came into the fourth and final quarter and caused a landslide of points and put up a 40 rack. A truly dominant offensive quarter by the Mountaineers only to ruined by the defense of the same team. Despite putting up 40 the Mountaineers also allowed 22, losing to UNC 63-61. A total of 62 points were put up in the fourth quarter and Appalachian's 40 makes them the 4th highest scoring in a quarter team in college football history.

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