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Aaron Rodgers Ends Hype With Possible Ruptured Achilles

It only took 4 plays and a span of less than 10 minutes to kill months of hype. Aaron Rodgers got injured and is slated for an MRI sometime Tuesday.

Rodgers fell while being tackled, making his left ankle / leg extend. Rodgers was carted from the Jets medical tent to inside MetLife Stadium for x-rays, which came back negative. The 39-year-old wore a boot after x-rays and was ruled out for return; The air was sucked out of MetLife.

The biggest fear is that Rodgers tore his achilles, which would sideline him for the entire season.

Zach Wilson took over, he was basically in a starting role since AR8 left the game as fans were still finding their seats.

It would not take long for Wilson to show fans his 2022 self, throwing an interception late in Q2; Overall though he went into the half with a solid stat line of 8-for-12 passing for 80 yards.

So the Jets trade for Aaron Rodgers and acquire several players and even an offensive coordinator to rebuild the foundation of the team. All of that was done to replace Zach Wilson and force him into a QB2 slot, just for him to end up playing Week 1.

UPDATE &BACK TO REALITY: Jets’ HC Robert Saleh told reporters after the Jets OT win that he believes Aaron Rodgers suffered an Achilles injury and “it’s not good.”

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