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A Look At The West Haven/Sacred Heart hockey team

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

The West Haven/Sacred Heart hockey team is off to a very impressive 9-2 season so far. The team looking to win it all. When you look at the team roster its really not a surprise that they are this good. The team plays together in such an unselfish way, it doesn't matter who is scoring the points as long as the puck ends up in the net they're happy. The defense is world class as it just has so much talent. Some of the players are so committed they even get up at 5' o clock to practice!

Lets take a look at the key players of the West Haven/Scared Heart hockey team.

Taylor Nowak has such an impressive sheet, I don't know where to start. The All - State player just recently scored and surpassed her 100th goal, which is a very big achievement, you can play for all four of your high school years and not even get close to 100. Taylor is an all around player as you can always find her skating around the opponents like its nothing. The team had to take on two goalies due to injuries, those two goalies being Hannah Davey and Hailey Alfano. Hannah Davey has taken the role to heart, it is like the net is impenetrable when she is on the ice. Hailey Alfano produces like crazy, I've never seen such consistency.

Anne Plunkett has developed well so far being in her freshman season with the team, she provides a threat on the already threatful defense. You can always count on Plunkett to keep the puck on the other side of the ice. Megan Froehlich has taken the role of captain and has definitely preformed like one as she is in her 4th and final season with the team. Mia Celantano has done a great job so far this season as a Forward. Captain Brooke McNobla is a game changer on the ice, she has produced for the team so much this season.

The WHSHA hockey team is an once in a generation team, the amount of talent is just astounding. If you haven't been to a game then you have to go to one!

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