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29,598 Feet Of Mark McGwire Power

Mark McGwire’s career is shadowed over baseball’s steroid era, despite all the controversy many household names came from it. Mark McGwire was near the end of his baseball career at the start of the 1998 season with the St. Louis Cardinals, coming off of a 1997 .253/.411/.684 split season. 1998 featured 155 games to combine for 509 at-bats across 681 plate appearances, McGwire batted just below .300 for splits of .299/.470/.752 to get an All-Star game appearance, second in MVP voting and Silver Slugger. Mark McGwire had so much power in his swing despite his age 34 season, he hit 70 home runs to lead to 147 RBIs and 162 walks. These home runs went far, in all of the 70 home runs travel distance combined they went a total of 29,598 feet which, for example is enough to fly over Mount Everest. Averaging 422.8 feet McGwire and his steroids set the baseball mark for the most home runs in a season (70) until fellow steroid-er Barry Bonds hit 73 long balls in 2001.

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