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1974 West Germany vs 1970 Brazil: Who Had The Best World Cup Team?

There have been 22 FIFA World Cup tournaments, and we have seen the rise and fall of both players and teams during its course. Since the tournament started back in 1930 we have seen dominance by three countries: Brazil, Germany and Italy. Brazil is the winner of five world cups with both Germany and Italy being four-time winners.

Many can argue that the 1970 Brazilian team is the best as others claim that 1974 West Germany holds that title.

The 1970 Brazil National Team went 3-0-0 in the group games, putting up 8-goals while allowing 3 (+5 GD) to have 6 total-points. Brazil would then beat Peru 4-2 in the quarterfinals and took down Uruguay 3-1 in the semis.

Facing Italy in the finals was a piece of cake for the BMNT, winning 4-1. Overall a goal tally of 19-7 (+12 GD) was the mark of the championship team’s offense and defense.

The 1974 West Germany team made a statement in a time of division from inside the county. Hosting the ‘74 World Cup, they would play East Germany in the group matches. Overall 2-0-1 in the group matches, the sole loss coming against the East German team in Volksparkstadion, Hamburg, on the final day of the matches.

The WGMNT put up 4-goals, allowing 1 (+3 GP) to have 4 total-points, giving them the second and final transfer spot. West Germany would make it to the finals where they would then take down the powerhouse Netherlands team, 2-1. Overall the WGMNT put up 13-goals, allowing 4 (+9 GD) as the host nation took the trophy to Bonn.

So after that analysis, who had the best team?

If you look at Brazil they had an unstoppable offense that led them to undefeated history, but their defense was inconsistent at points. West Germany only lost one game and that was to the other half of Germany, overall a solid offense was backed up by a great defensive showing.

West Germany definitely had more pressure on them as the whole world was watching, undoubtedly the Cold War and politics were big during this point. You had not only a nation, but the whole world divided on the basis of communism and freedom, but the players didn't let the pressure get to them.

Brazil did more than win the tournament, they inspired soccer players and soccer fans. There was something almost extramundane about the team and it was embodied by the unforgettable Carlos Alberto goal in the finals.

The 1970 Brazilian team will never be forgotten, they have put themselves in the history books as the best FIFA World Cup Team ever.

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