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0-2 Buffalo Sabres In Early Nonmathematical Must-Win Scenario vs Lightning

The New York Rangers embarrassed the Sabres on opening night with a 5-1 blowout, the Islanders followed things up with a tight 3-2 win. Buffalo is 0-2-0, as players and coaches gear up for a homestand vs the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Though it will only be the third game out of an 82 game season, this should be looked at as a nonmathematical must-win for Buffalo. Starting the season with three potential losses is absolutely crushing for a team that stayed in the playoff hunt until the end of game 80 just a season prior.

Buffalo’s next four out of five games are at home, giving the team a prime opportunity to pounce into the win column and above .500%.

Sabres next five games

Vs Lightning

Vs Flames

Vs Islanders

Vs Canadiens

@ Senators

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