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Zach Wilson Achieved The Unachievable vs Patrick Mahomes

The New York Jets were on SNF for the first time since Mark Sanchez and Rex Ryan were the QB-HC duo at MetLife, with that said it was a long hiatus.

Zach Wilson vs Patrick Mahomes: a face-to-face that everyone had going red for Kansas City. It was anything but that.

We saw an absolutely stellar performance from Zach Wilson, it was undoubtedly the best performance of his NFL and possibly entire football career.

Though the Jets lost 23-20, all the storylines were positive on QB1 Wilson, who achieved something that has never been done before.

Zach Wilson is the first opposing quarterback to face Patrick Mahomes in college or the NFL and post better stats than him.

Reminder: Patrick Mahomes played 32 collegiate games and played in 83 NFL games leading up to that 84th vs Wilson’s Jets. Mahomes is already a two-time Super Bowl champion and MVP and holds the NFL record for career passer rating (min. 1,500 attempts) of 105.0.

Zach Wilson had more pass completions (28 vs 18), more passing yards (245 vs 203), more passing TDs (2-1), fewer interceptions (0 vs 2) and also had a higher QBR (66.1 vs 65.8) than Patrick Mahomes.

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