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Will Tom Brady Leave The Patriots?

Updated: May 17, 2023

Veteran New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady is going to enter free agency for the first in his 19 year career. On March 18th, 2020 Tom Brady will officially become a FA and other teams can start sending him offers. Brady can still stay with the Patriots, the only way of that happening is if both sides agree on an extension before the 18th or the Patriots can try to offer him the most in FA.

If the Patriots do lose Brady they will have to draft a Quarterback, but they would decline so much in the standings for the 2020/21 season. If the Patriots do decline the AFC East is up for grabs, mainly the New York Jets and the Buffalo Bills will be fighting for the top spot, the Dolphins will still be in the back no matter what due to rebuilding but they would be able to compete with the Patriots and make the games closer and possibly even sweep them.

It seems as of right now the Raiders are one of the top teams in the hunt for the famed QB, there is also talk of Brady going to the Chargers. There are several teams in the hunt, but so far those two teams seem to stand out for two reasons, both need a QB and both are willing of putting up great amounts of money. If Tom Brady does leave will he ever come back to the Patriots? In a way yes he can, he can sign a one game deal in week 17 to play the final game and retire as a Patriot or he can go back into FA after the 2020/21 season and make a deal with them.

No matter what happens with Brady from this point on, there is no doubt it will effect the 2020/21 NFL season bigly.

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